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Tanya Robinson specialises in criminal law, coroner’s work and regulatory law. The frequent cross-over between these areas means that following a fatality, Tanya often acts at the inquest and in any connected criminal proceedings.

She is a persuasive advocate, well used to dealing with the pressures of sensitive, demanding cases, and always prepared to go the extra mile.

Inquests & Inquiries

Tanya has an extensive Coroners’ Court practice. She is regularly instructed by the families of the deceased as well as those subject to criticism following a death (such as the police, care homes, medical providers, builders). Tanya has substantial experience in sensitive witness handling, challenging and presenting complex expert evidence (e.g. medical, psychiatric, neurological, toxicological, firearms, ballistics, ACPO policy and training, mechanical and engineering), and making and drafting complex legal submissions to the Coroner on the inquest scope, verdicts and human rights issues.  She has particular expertise in acting for the police in Article 2 inquests with a jury where there has been a death in custody (including suicide in cell or under arrest in own home and excessive restraint cases), death following police shooting, death following road traffic accidents involving the police (including police pursuit multiple fatality cases). She has also represented many nursing and care homes following deaths in care or assisted housing.


She has an extensive criminal practice, defending and prosecuting those charged with serious violence including murder and conspiracy to murder, gross negligence manslaughter, serious cruelty (including baby shaking and fracture cases), serious violence (including medical, pathological and blood spatter evidence), arson (including detailed forensic evidence), fraud, firearms (including expert ballistics/firearms evidence), serious drugs (including detailed tachograph opinion and cellsite/telephone evidence) and serious sexual offences (including the cross-examination of vulnerable witnesses, multi-complainant/historic allegations both as leading and junior counsel, familial and stranger rape, diagnostic/non-diagnostic medical evidence, complex computer evidence, sexsomnia, the use of intermediaries and abuse of process).

She has obtained stays in very old sexual abuse cases following successful abuse of process arguments. She has considerable experience of the use of intermediaries for very young or vulnerable witnesses or defendants with learning difficulties. She is a Grade 4 Prosecutor and is on the specialist panel for Rape and Serious Sexual Offences work (RASSO).


Tanya prosecutes and defends companies and other organisations for health & safety offences and has advised clients in relation to health & safety issues, corporate manslaughter and gross negligence manslaughter.

Following her return from maternity leave in 2013, Tanya drafted Ofgem’s new Enforcement Guidelines, published in September 2014 following consultation with stakeholders. The Guidelines set out the approach that Ofgem will take to enforcing relevant legislation when regulating the gas and electricity markets in Great Britain. They remain in force (although appropriately updated).

Most recently she has acted for a Care Home Manager prosecuted for breaches of health and safety following the death of a 93 year old resident, who sustained first degree burns to her legs after being scalded in a bath.

Tanya has also been instructed to draft representations to the Disclosure Barring Service that her client should not be added to the barred lists in respect of working with vulnerable adults or children

Notable Cases

Inquest into the death of CH (2023-2024): Currently instructed by Kent Police in respect of the death of CH, a female who died of an overdose shortly after release from prison, while with her ex-boyfriend who had been bailed to stay away from her for domestic violence reasons. Police attended her address shortly before the death but did not gain access to check on her wellbeing.

R v Q (2024): Led junior (led by Richard Barraclough KC) prosecuting a conspiracy to rob/murder trial following stabbing of a drug dealer’s driver after an ambush attack. The suspected stabber recently returned from Pakistan, is due to face trial in March 2024, 2 co-defendants having already been prosecuted and convicted of conspiracy to rob and manslaughter. See:

Inquest into the death of TE (2024): Representing Kent Police in an inquest into the death of TE who was stopped by Kent Police at the medway services because of his family’s concerns about his suicidal intentions. Welfare check completed and TE was sent on his way. The next day he stepped in front of lorry and committed suicide. The police avoided any criticism for their actions in respect of TE and no Prevention of Future Deaths reports were made against the police.

R v IC-L (2024): Defended one of two defendants accused of sequentially raping an unconscious woman on the beach at Brighton after clubbing. The jury acquitted the defendant entirely.

R v Parrie Jacob (2024): Having successfully overturned the defendant’s conviction in the Court of Appeal with fresh evidence from a witness that the police had claimed to be unable to find, secured Mr Jacob’s acquittal in respect of a stranger rape in a portaloo. See:;

R v SA (2024): Successfully prosecuted a male accused of raping and sexually assaulting the daughters of his ex partner 20 years ago. Sentence awaited.

R v Stefan Farbrother (2023): Successfully prosecuted “devil man” accused of historical knifepoint rapes of a child (s.28 case) committed when he was 14 to 20 years old. C had hugely complex MH issues/PTSD. Resisted attempts to adduce evidence of subsequent rape/violence allegations against her husband, and evidence that had not been put to C. Sentenced to 18 years’ imprisonment. See:;;;;

R v KM (2023): Successfully defending male (KM) accused of historical sexual offences against a 5 to 8 year old girl while babysitting 24 years ago. C had complex mental health issues and had made inconsistent allegations over the years including alleging rape but then not remembering it. Successful submission of no case to answer made at half time and the defendant was acquitted.

R v WM (2023): Successfully defended on a Direct Access basis a defendant accused of stalking his ex girlfriend over a 6 month period. C’s account was meticulously taken apart and exposed as lies resulting in a quick acquittal by the jury. Counsel obtained wasted costs from the CPS for disclosure failures.

R v KB (2023): Successfully defendant a gay defendant (KB) accused of sexual assault and anal rape of a heterosexual male (C) said to be too drunk to consent. C had complex mental health issues suffering high functioning autism and with multiple serious suicidal attempts. Obtained permission to explore crucial evidence about C’s sexuality and past. In the face of real difficulties as to C’s capacity (could hardly walk/vomiting), the jury acquitted.

R v SH (2022): Successfully defended a young man aged 18 accused of rape/oral rape of his cousin by marriage (aged 19). Sensitive by robust cross-examination of the complainant was needed. She was a past victim of sexual assault by another but had come onto the defendant and then cried rape when he said he would have to tell his girlfriend.

Lesley Spearing (2022) Inquest into the death of a mother stabbed to death by her son who suffered with paranoid schizophrenia but whose care was managed in the community. Acting for Kent Police. Inquest will be heard later in 2022. Click here

DL (2022) Inquest into the death of a man who was arrested at a railway station for trespass on the railway having been removed from the tracks. He had made suicidal comments and had a history of such behaviour and comments in the past. Following his release the next day, he was given a travel warrant by the police to take the train home. He died later that day when he was struck by a train. Acting for Kent Police. Inquest expected to be heard later in 2022.

Horvath (2022) Inquest into the death of Mr Horvath who had a history of psychotic behaviour. He had presented at a hospital, hearing voices, and asked to be admitted to a mental health hospital. The hospital had failed to supervise him properly while he awaited an assessment and he left the hospital. Shortly afterwards he stepped in front of a car on a nearby road and died as a result of his injuries. The inquest explored issue surround the actions of those at the hospital and his mental health care in the community, as well as the actions of the police in responding to his father reporting him missing the night before and the hospital report when he left. Kent police avoided any criticism in the narrative conclusions and no Prevention of Future Deaths Report was made concerning the police.

R v MB (2022) Successfully prosecuted a father accused of sexually abusing his daughter as a child over 8 years including dressing up in women’s clothing when he got her to touch him. His daughter, aged 26 at trial, had an intermediary because she had suffered with some speech and language issues when she was growing up. She gave her evidence by pre-recorded video both in chief and cross-examination and re-examination.

R v KH, WO, SS and CS (2022) Prosecuting 4 defendants accused of kidnap, false imprisonment and robbery. The defendants, all bar one very young, were accused of following a vulnerable male back to his home where they bundle him in, assaulted him with weapons and ransacked his house before making off with money. The 3 younger men falsely imprisoned and tortured another male a few days later, stripping him naked and violently attacking him including setting fire to him and burning him with hot water. Recorded footage of some of the incidents was found on social media. Awaiting sentence.

R v PE (2021) Defended a man with learning difficulties accused of raping and sexual abusing his son and daughter. The defendant gave his evidence with the assistance of an intermediary.

RL, CA, CA and SJ (2021) Prosecuted 3 defendants accused of conspiring to murder two men, and a fourth defendant accused of supplying the firearm to be used in the murder which was a revenge attack. There were also allegations of conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm and various firearms and drugs offences. Substantial and sensitive disclosure issues including the disclosure of material by an approved form of words, prosecution applications upheld asserting Public Interest Immunity. Junior counsel heavily involved in the disclosure aspects. Following the successful PII argument, acceptable guilty pleas from the defendants were entered.

R v Elizabeth West and others (2021) Defended a Care Home Manager prosecuted for breaches of health and safety following the death of a 93 year old resident, who had sustained first degree burns to her legs after being scalded in a bath. The company that ran the home pleaded guilty to corporate manslaughter. Ms West and the carer pleaded to breaching their duties in respect of the residents. Drafted a detailed Basis of Plea which was not challenged by the prosecution. Ms West received a short suspended sentence with no additional requirements. Tanya has also been engaged to draft representations to the Disclosure Barring Service to persuade the DBS that it should not add Ms West to the barred lists in respect of working with vulnerable adults or children.
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R v WN (2021) Prosecuted a 79 year old defendant accused of gross negligence manslaughter due to his neglect of his wife in the day leading up to her death, in failing to ensure she had sufficient food and drink and failing to summon emergency medical assistance when he knew her life was in serious danger.

R v AA (2021) Represented a family who were intervening in Confiscation proceedings as the part owners of a family home that the prosecution were seeking to confiscate from their son/brother, he having been convicted of serious drug offences. The family were entirely innocent of any idrug nvolvement. The house was in the convicted defendant’s name for mortgage purposes (he having a better regular income from his employment than other members of the family). Drafted detailed submissions on the application of trust law to the beneficial interests in the property, to avoid the family becoming homeless and losing their family asset. Able to negotiate a very good settlement with the prosecution, which avoided the need for the hearing to go ahead and meant that the family could keep their home.

O’Rourke (2021) Represented a prison officer at an inquest into the death of a prisoner who had been found hanging during the roll check in the morning. Mr O admitted he had failed to carry out proper checks on the prisoners during the night and early morning.

R v McCartney (2020) Successfully prosecuted a man accused of Prison Act offences who was found in possession of multiple lethal weapons in his cell, including crudely constructed slashing and stabbing weapons, as well as mobile phones. The defendant claimed to have been holding them under duress. Click here

Banks (2018) Represented a self-employed window fitter facing criticism after his worker fell to his death off a roof. The HSE awaited the conclusion of the inquest to decide whether to prosecute Mr B for H&S breaches relating to his ladder equipment and systems. Guided my client through the process including advice about the privilege against self-incrimination, careful cross-examination of the HSE expert, and made successful submissions to limit the scope of the evidence to avoid health and safety matters being considered that were outside the proper ambit of the inquest. Conclusion was accidental death. No Prevention of Future Deaths Report and a criminal prosecution was avoided.

Alexander (2017) Represented a care home who faced criticism after an 87-year-old woman was released home after respite care, with a number of bed sores, bleeding undressed wounds on her legs, and suffering from an infection. Ms Alexander was taken to hospital and died a few days later. Issues arose as to the care she received and the role/any failures of her other care providers (district nurses, enablement team, social services). Made successful submissions to limit the inquest scope in light of the cross-examination of the pathologist and avoided any criticism of the home in the narrative conclusion.

Martin (2017) Represented the fiancé and family of Tahnie Martin who was instantly killed in the street when struck by a piece of wood from a redundant water tank that fell from the top of a shopping centre during Storm Doris. Advised on managing distressing press intrusion. Effectively cross-examined the owners and managing agents of the shopping centre responsible for maintenance. The failures drawn out before the jury appeared in their narrative conclusion and formed the basis of the significant Prevention of Future Deaths Report.

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Woodcock (2017) Represented the wife of Mark Woodcock who jumped to his death from the board room at his office in Leverkusen after being repeatedly rejected for new roles after redundancy. He had expressed suicidal thoughts during meetings with his superiors which were not taken seriously. Carried out robust cross-examination of company witnesses to seek answers for his wife about how/why they had ignored signs that her husband was a risk to himself and to explore Prevention of Future Death issues. Click here for News Report.

Goy (2017) Represented a St John’s Ambulance volunteers who was called to assist Mr Goy who was suspected of taking drugs at a festival. The case required careful witness handling and detailed cross-examination of medical experts. Issues over: chain of command, role taken by a more senior First Aider present, the man’s capacity to refuse treatment, the steps taken to care for the man, his medical deterioration, whether it ought to have been obvious to the St John’s ambulance volunteers that he needed emergency A&E treatment and when the man passed the point of no return medically. Click here

Parle (2015) Representing England’s largest not-for-profit housing association and registered charity, at an inquest into the death of a care home resident with dementia, who died after she set fire to her clothing when smoking unsupervised in her room late at night. Her care plan required any smoking to be supervised. Click here 

R v MO (2015) Successfully defended a young man accused of raping and sexually assaulting a friend who claimed to have become pregnant as a result. The defendant admitted having consensual rough sexual play with the girl but denied having sex and said that the girl was into rough play and they had engaged in this previously. The defence won important arguments to be permitted to cross-examine on past sexual history and to call evidence of the girl’s general reputation for untruthfulness. The jury were persuaded that any pregnancy that there had been (there was evidence of a termination but no DNA testing was done) was not caused by him.

R v JH (2015) Successfully defended a 21 year old lifeguard who was accused of sexually assaulting a younger colleague from work. The Defence case was that the complainant had made a pass at the defendant which had been rebuffed and she had concocted the allegation out of spite.

R v AS (2015) Successfully prosecuted a 73 year old man accused of sexually touching a 14 year old girl on a bus. Issues arose as to whether the (mostly) admitted touching was sexual and as to how the jury should be directed.

R v MC (2015) Defended a man from Sierra Leone with significant learning difficulties accused of sexually touching a 2 year old girl. The defendant needed the assistance of an intermediary and an interpreter throughout the trial to be able to follow the proceedings and give evidence.

Cranch (2015) Acted on behalf of a Stunt Company at an inquest into the death of a stunt performer who died whilst acting as a “human cannonball” stuntman at a Kent County Showground. He suffered a fatal accident when a safety net intended to break his fall, collapsed. The case resulted in an accidental death verdict.
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R v MC (2015) Successfully defended a stepfather accused of sexually assaulting his stepson 23 years ago.

R v OA (2014) Successfully defended a restaurant owner accused of sexually assaulting and harassing his staff. Resisted an application to adduce the evidence of a missing complainant by way of hearsay. Then persuaded the trial judge to stay the entire prosecution as an abuse of the process of the court, given the absence of the crucial witness who the defendant believed had orchestrated all of the allegations against him.

R v Cable (2014) Defending a Suffolk bandmaster and teacher charged with historical sexual abuse on a pupil 39 years before. The defendant’s brass band had appeared on television, toured the world, and played for the Queen. The defendant had previous convictions for similar conduct.
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R v DY (2014) Successfully prosecuted a 17-year-old boy with learning difficulties and ADHD for sexual assault including digital penetration of a 4-year-old girl in the youth court. The defendant and child victim required intermediaries to give evidence. Issues included: competence of child witness, fitness to plead/stand trial because of learning difficulties and stay as an abuse of process, reliability of confession evidence, admissibility of hearsay accounts that the child did not repeat in her police interview, live-link evidence given from the home of a reluctant prosecution witness.

Elmbridge Borough Council v Anchor Trust (2014) Represented England’s largest not-for-profit housing association and registered charity, who were prosecuted following the death of a care home resident on a soft diet who choked after she was left unattended with a plate of sausage. Also acted for the Trust at the inquest into the death which resulted in an accidental death verdict.
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Hedges (2012) Jury inquest into the death of a suicidal psychiatric patient who absconded from an acute admissions unit where he had been taken by police and then walked in front of a lorry on the approach to the Dartford Tunnel. Acted for the police.
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R v Mitchell (2012) Represented defendant charged with historical allegations of violent rape and sexual assault of 11 complainants spanning 40 years. Junior counsel.
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R v Horton (2012) Defended a father accused of causing grievous bodily harm with intent (section 18) by breaking his three-month-old baby daughter’s arm baby and cruelty relating to other old injuries found. Acquitted of the section 18 offence and cruelty. Convicted of the lesser offence under section 20 (inflicting GBH) and received a suspended sentence. The case involved detailed cross-examination of expert medical witnesses called by the prosecution.
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R v Easton (2012) Successfully defended mother of two accused of glassing her ex-partner’s new girlfriend (s18) in front of witnesses.

R v DR (2012) Defended a man accused of raping a young girl and forcing her to have sex with a young boy. The girl bore his child. The case involved the calling of expert sexsomnia evidence as the defendant denied that he had consciously had sex with the girl.
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R v Grassom (2012) Successfully defended a karate instructor and ex-police officer accused of raping and sexually assaulting a pupil.
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Jason Murray (2011) Jury inquest into the death of a man taken to hospital for psychiatric assessment who suffered asphyxiation after officers restrained him during a violent struggle. Acted for the police.
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R v Chatterjee (2011) Defended a doctor accused of sexually assaulting two receptionists at his surgery. Mixed verdicts. Acquitted of very serious allegations against the first receptionist (digital penetration and forced oral sex), but convicted of minor touching of the other complainant (hand on the top of her bottom and trying to kiss her). Sentenced to a community order. Successfully made representations to the Independent Safeguarding Authority to remove his name from the barred lists.
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R v Cox (2011) Successfully defended a man accused of historical sexual assaults on his children. Then obtained a stay of proceedings in a second trial on the basis of delay in a case relating to the daughter of a previous partner.

R v Snell (2010) Leading counsel defending a man accused of sexually assaulting six young complainants who were the friends of his son. Acquitted on over half of the counts.
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Sanderson (2010) Jury inquest into the death of a woman who was shot by a firearms officer following a standoff in a town centre. She was brandishing what turned out to be a pellet gun. Acted for the police. Issues as to the operation and command of the incident and use of firearms or less lethal options. Verdict of lawful killing returned by the jury.
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R v RL (2010) Successfully defended a man accused of repeatedly raping and assaulting his wife over many years after forcing her to become a prostitute. Junior counsel.

R v Hurley (2010) Defending a man who had multiple previous convictions for rape and sexual assault of women he had struck up friendships with, who was accused of serious sexual assault on a lesbian female friend.
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R v Barry Bethel (2010) Successfully prosecuted DJ and TV personality for sexual offences against children.
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R v NW (2010) Successfully defended a man accused of raping and sexually assaulting his daughters.

R v MC (2010) Successfully defended a firefighter accused of raping his ex-partner and the mother of his child. Case required detailed examination of telephone evidence of contact between the pair that the defence claimed was inconsistent with her allegations.

R v Fleming (2009) Successfully defended a man accused of murdering his friend by pouring petrol over him and setting fire to him. Defence case was that the deceased had set alight to himself in front of the defendant who had then run away in fear. Junior counsel.
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R v CC and 7 others (2009) 2 Cr App R (s) 22 Guideline case in respect of dangerousness sentencing provisions. Acted for second defendant convicted of oral rape of an 18 month old baby.

R v Currie (2007) 2 Cr App R 246 Guideline case in respect of requirements for notice of intended prosecution in certain driving cases.


Current cases of interest include:

Lesley Spearing (2022): Inquest into the death of a mother stabbed to death by her son who suffered with paranoid schizophrenia but whose care was managed in the community. Acting for Kent Police.

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DL (2022): Inquest into the death of a man who was arrested


Tanya is a member of the Criminal Bar Association, the Kent Bar Mess and the South Eastern Circuit. She is a past South Eastern Circuit junior.


Tanya Robinson was educated at Southampton University (LLB) and Rouen University. She obtained an LLB (European Legal Studies) Honours degree, having spent one year abroad studying French and European Law. She was called to the Bar by the Inner Temple in 1997 and was an Inner Temple Scholar in 1997.

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Richard Barraclough KC and Tanya Robinson secure convictions for manslaughter and conspiracy to rob

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10th April 2023

Tanya Robinson and Emin Kandola act in case of woman who staged robbery and attempted rape and framed lover

Tanya Robinson prosecuted and Emin Kandola defended woman who staged her own robbery, attempted rape and stalking, and then framed her former lover.

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International Women’s Day 2023 – Six Pump Court Chambers

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28th January 2019

Court of Appeal reduces sentences in case where serious physical harm to a newborn was caused or allowed by parents

The Court of Appeal last week allowed the appeal of two defendants represented by Richard Barraclough QC and Tanya Robinson for the one and Danny Moore for the other, against a sentence of 8 years imprisonment.

26th October 2018

Six Pump Court wins Health & Safety Set of the Year at Chambers UK Bar Awards

Last night at the Chambers UK Bar Awards, Six Pump Court was delighted to be named as the Health & Safety Set of the Year.

10th October 2017

Inquest concludes shopping centre roof contributed to fatality

The jury in the Tahnie Martin inquest concerning the university worker killed by a large wooden panel that broke off the roof of a shopping centre in Wolverhampton in February 2017, have returned their conclusions.

14th July 2016

Stunt boss pleads guilty to health and safety offences

A stunt boss represented by Tanya Robinson and prosecuted by Mark Watson has pleaded guilty to health and safety offences.  For press coverage of the...

14th July 2015

Genetic Predisposition to Paedophilia and Child Abuse: a case note

In his latest case note, Richard Barraclough QC writes on the issues of paedophilia and child abuse and specifically genetic and family influences. Richard...

20th January 2015

Six Pump Court Regulatory Team barristers act in human cannonball inquest

Mark Watson, Emmaline Lambert and Tanya Robinson are appearing at an inquest into the death of Matthew Cranch, who died whilst acting as a...

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