Competition law

An increasingly wide variety of claims are being made in competition proceedings which might formerly only be made in other regulatory or civil proceedings. These can be regulatory claims involving disciplinary matters through to environmental issues connected with pollution and emissions. They may involve damages claims or claims for injunctive relief.

Our regulatory and competition law barristers advise and assist in claims involving the Chapter 1 prohibition, whether or not made in conjunction with Art.101, and in claims involving the Chapter 2 prohibition, whether or not in conjunction with Art.102. These have included matters involving core questions such as what is an ‘undertaking’, through to refusal to supply/‘essential facilities’ and the effect of international distribution agreements.

Chambers’ experience of regulatory issues brings our regulatory and competition law barristers into contact with the practice of a variety of competition regulators. Barristers at Six Pump Court are familiar with the rules governing different sectors, including Ofwat and ORR.

Our regulatory and competition law barristers are also familiar with related jurisdictional issues, mainly within the EU, and with specialist costs issues of concern to litigation funders, whether or not within the context of Group Litigation Order under CPR r.19.