Unfair dismissal

Our employment law barristers are able to provide expertise at every level in unfair dismissal cases and its experience includes such difficult areas as cases involving allegations of misconduct amongst care workers, health care professionals and school teachers. Typical examples of the unfair dismissal work handled by chambers are McAllister v Balfour Beatty (unfair dismissal for swearing), Koziel v Asta Parlak (pregnancy related dismissal; whether the Claimant had been reengaged as a matter of fact and law at the time of alleged dismissal) and Piper v NHS Trust Maidstone (dismissal for allegedly intemperate behaviour). Chambers work also includes the educational sector and charities, one notable recent example of which was Savjani v Indian Cultural Society.

The expertise of chambers includes whistleblowing cases such as Jones v Clark Maintenance Ltd and Brett v Fourfront Telecom Ltd.

Such cases will often include claims of an ancillary nature such as failure to provide a written statement of terms, claims under the Working Time Regulations 1998 and unauthorised deductions of wages. All members of the team are able to deal with these types of issues.

One discrete area where chambers has done considerable work is dealing with dismissals which follow breakdowns in the relationship between employer and employee as a result of personality conflicts in the workplace. The service provided by chambers extends to advising and assisting at all stages of such a process. Members of Six Pump Court lecture on this topic and are familiar with the practical and legal issues that arise in the context of these particular types of cases.