Disputes concerning property cover a huge number of issues and potential causes of action, and a wide variety of possible courts and tribunals. Litigation over private rights of action can commonly bring up tangential matters concerning public or statutory obligations or cause satellite litigation in the same forum or another jurisdiction, and will inevitably touch on a broad range of matters of law, fact and evidence. In this highly varied and broad-ranged context, Six Pump Court has the careful expertise and capability to provide meticulous and thorough advice and representation.

Chambers has a vast experience in the matters that can be in issue relating to property disputes, and thanks to its depth of common law experience and particular specialities in public law areas, such as housing, planning, environmental and administrative law, its members are hugely valued for their care and proficiency in providing timely and accurate assistance to private individuals, commercial organisations and public bodies.

Some examples of the property litigation issues which Chambers has experience in advising upon are described in more detail within the links on the left side of this page.


Latest news

24th May 2022

Angelica Rokad successfully prosecutes landlord charged with unlawful eviction of family from their home

Angelica Rokad has secured the conviction of a landlord who was found guilty of unlawfully evicting a family and subjecting them to harassment in an attempt to force them out of the property.

12th January 2021

Chambers welcomes Noémi Byrd who returns to practice at Six Pump Court

Chambers is delighted to welcome back Noémi Byrd who re-joins our planning team.

30th September 2020

Ian Rees Phillips successfully represents landlords seeking committal of tenant breaching undertakings to pay arrears

Ian Rees Phillips successful in Court of Appeal acting for landlords seeking committal to prison of tenant who breached undertakings to pay arrears.

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Richard Barraclough

Richard Barraclough KC

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Noémi Byrd

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