Professional conduct & disciplinary


Six Pump Court barristers provide invaluable expertise, guidance, and support for those facing disciplinary proceedings within various sectors.

At Six Pump Court we understand that for those facing misconduct allegations at work or at their place of study, the stakes are high. It is crucial that proper representation is obtained to protect the individual’s interests, particularly where a job or position, reputation, or even the ability to complete studies and obtain a degree or other qualification, are on the line.

For many who find themselves in this situation, the disciplinary process itself may be slow, bewildering and highly stressful. In some cases, clients may also be at risk of criminal or regulatory charges. The breadth of practice and experience at Six Pump Court across different sectors provides our barristers with unique skills to act in all types of disciplinary hearings, and often also in connected proceedings, to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.

Our barristers:

  • Act before medical regulators, including the General Medical Council, the General Dental Council, the General Optical Council and the Nursing and Midwifery Council.
  • Act, or have acted, as Legal Assessors for these bodies.
  • Act for students and academics before Schools and University Disciplinary Panels and the General Teaching Council.
  • Act before Police Disciplinary Tribunals and Court-martials.
  • Act for clients making representations against their proposed inclusion on the Children’s and Adults’ Barred List following criminal convictions.
  • Act in other sectors such as accountancy, architecture, finance and commerce and sport, including before the Football Association.

Disciplinary hearings involve allegations of misconduct. These may, for example, be financial, sexual, relating to dishonesty, or competence within the context of a profession, place of work or study. If the charge is contested, then a hearing will usually take place governed by the relevant applicable rules and witnesses may give evidence and be subject to questioning (cross-examination). If the charge is admitted or proved, then issues may arise around fitness to practise and the appropriate sanction. All aspects, including the earliest stages of the proceedings, where it may still be possible to make representations to persuade the relevant body to drop or reduce the charges, require expert advocacy and presentational skills to achieve the best possible outcome. Six Pump Court has a wide range of skilled and experienced practitioners to represent and support individuals throughout this process.


Latest news

19th April 2023

No case to answer – Angelica Rokad successfully represents student accused of sexual harassment

Angelica Rokad was instructed by the Respondent, a University student on a final year medical course, accused of multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against three separate complainants.

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