Gambling & gaming

Gaming licensing is covered by the Gaming Act 2005, although issues may also arise in relation to gaming premises under the 2003 Licensing Act. Businesses involved in gambling are placed under a number of obligations and responsibilities, overseen by the Gambling Commission which is the licensing authority in this area . The regulatory framework covers mainly casinos and bookmakers, but also other businesses, mainly within the hospitality and entertainment industries, which offer on-site gambling facilities as a profitable supplement to the services they offer.

Obtaining a license involves undergoing a number of strict checks to ensure that a business can be trusted to deal honestly and responsibly with customers and to meet all the obligations and requirements that come with providing gambling services to the public.

The terms of the gambling license are many and often complex, and are rigorously enforced. If you are a business with a gambling element and are facing enforcement action from the Gambling Commission for failing to comply with the complex legislation that surrounds this area, it is highly important that you seek expert legal help. Licensing barristers at Six Pump Court can offer a comprehensive service whatever premises or licensing issues arise.