Richard Barraclough KC and Tanya Robinson secure convictions for manslaughter and conspiracy to rob

June 13, 2023

Richard Barraclough KC leading Tanya Robinson have secured convictions following a six week trial in the Birmingham Crown Court of two defendants for conspiracy to rob a drug dealer and the manslaughter of his driver.  One defendant was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment for manslaughter and six years concurrent for conspiracy to rob.  The second defendant, a 64 year old male was sentenced to 10 years for the manslaughter with 6 years concurrent for the conspiracy. They were not the prime movers in the offending. The instigators were a class A drug dealer and his “runner”. The dealer who was to be robbed and the deceased, his driver were lured into an area where they might easily be attacked. The “runner” got into the car with the pretence of buying drugs. The two defendants attacked the car and thus permitted the “runner” to stab the deceased in the chest and escape. The stabber and his principal have absconded to Pakistan. Extradition proceedings are in progress. The dealer who was the victim of the robbery gave evidence for the Crown following an agreement under S74 Sentencing Act 2020 and that assistance was reflected in a 60% discount in his sentence for being concerned in the supply of drugs.

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