Man convicted after fatal robbery during drug deal now sentenced

April 24, 2024

On 22.4.24 MOHAMMED QASIM was convicted at the Birmingham Crown Court, after a 6 week trial, of conspiracy to rob and the murder of Richard Hopley. Richard Barraclough KC led Tanya Robinson for the Crown. Hopley was the driver of a car used by a drug dealer to distribute drugs.  The dealer and Hopley were  lured into a secluded area so that they might be robbed. Qasim got into the car pretending to buy the drugs. He produced a knife and stabbed Hopley. Two others attacked the car as it moved away with Qasim on board. Qasim and a fourth man escaped to Pakistan. The two who remained were arrested and tried last year. They were convicted of manslaughter and conspiracy to rob. Qasim returned to the UK after their trial and was tried in a trial commencing on 12/03/24 and was convicted on Monday 22/04/24 of murder and conspiracy to rob. Qasim was sentenced on 26/04/2024 to life imprisonment with a minimum term of 30 years for murder committed in furtherance of of a conspiracy to rob. RB KC leading TR prosecuted.