"He is very impressive on a detail and tactical level, using processes and applications to take a tough line."

― Chambers UK Bar Guide [2022]
Gordon Wignall
Call: 1987
Direct access

Gordon Wignall is an experienced common law practitioner whose main interest is in advocacy and other varieties of written persuasion. He has a special interest in areas of the law which are within the scope of EU law. This is reflected by his knowledge of various types of regulatory proceedings, especially in environmental and financial cases (including judicial review, tribunal and criminal matters). He is familiar with principles of EU law relevant to competition and state aid.

Gordon is particularly pleased to be able to draw on his experience in the many different forums in which he appears to the benefit of any of his clients. These include the Competition Appeal Tribunal, the First Tier Property Tribunal, the criminal courts, PINS tribunals, the civil courts and the Privy Council (in criminal appeals).

Gordon has been instructed for many years in various types of group litigation, including consumer redress schemes, financial services, private/public nuisance, professional negligence and sale of goods. This is enhanced by his recognised experience over many years in costs and litigation funding. Cases with an international element have included China, the Caribbean, Australia and various EU States. For 10 years he was a part-time employment judge. He qualified as a mediator with CEDR.

In litigation, Gordon’s preference is to work closely with both solicitors and clients as a team, advising and identifying the best evidence in order to provide the most robust advocacy. Whilst direct access work is undertaken in appropriate regulatory and advisory cases, a good solicitor can be sourced to take the strain when necessary. He has acted successfully for direct access clients under the terms of damages-based agreements.
To view in more detail Gordon’s experience, see the attached practice-specific profiles below:

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New Online Resource

Gordon Wignall has published and maintains www.wiglaw.co.uk which currently carries open access articles on the law of nuisance.


(1) Services to professional clients are offered on the most recent version of the terms available (a) on a contractual basis as set out on the Bar Council website, and (b) on a contractual CFA basis as set out on the Chancery Bar Association website. (2) Services to clients are offered on similar contractual terms to those offered to professional clients. (3) Gordon Wignall (a) has professional insurance with BMIF and top-up insurance provided via BMIF, and (b) is subject to the Code of Conduct in Part 2 of the Bar Standards Board Handbook, Part 5 of which sets out how to make a complaint if a complaint is not resolved internally. See also the Client Care section of Chambers’ website.

Leading Individual
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"He has real depth of expertise in law of nuisance and he takes a genuine interest in the matters he advises upon, and the area of law."

― Legal 500 [2022]

"He is very impressive on a detail and tactical level, using processes and applications to take a tough line."

― Chambers UK Bar Guide [2022]

"Understands the complexity of multi-party claims and is particularly knowledgeable on CFAs."

― Legal 500 [2022]

"Gordon is very approachable and he knows the law inside out."

― Chambers UK Bar Guide [2020]

"His detailed knowledge of the law is impressive...He looks out for alternative ways to conclude an action and novel ways of addressing disputes."

― Chambers UK Bar Guide [2020]

"He is a winner with clients - he's easy to work with and is approachable."

"Gordon is a pleasure to work with. He is great with the clients and builds a real rapport with the court. He is a great guy to have on a team dealing with a difficult case. He is a go-to barrister on group action claims."

― Chambers UK Bar Guide [2018]

"A junior of choice for environment and a real heavyweight for private nuisance matters."

“Has a practice with a strong focus on pollution claims and challenges to Environment Agency decisions. His knowledge of his area is extremely deep and extensive."

― Chambers UK Bar Guide [2017]

“A respected junior who is very active on environmental and waste permitting and recycling issues”.

“He has an analytical mind and detailed approach.”

― Chambers UK Bar Guide [2016]

"A great barrister who is really commercially minded, very bright and good with clients".

― Chambers UK Bar Directory [2015]

"He is very down to earth and gets on well with solicitors and clients...He is very knowledgeable, and he is able to put across complex points in understandable English".

― Chambers and Partners [2014]

“Recommended for group actions”

“Very strong on strict liability pollution claims”.

― Legal 500 [2016]
Leading Individual
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  • MA (University of Oxford)
  • Karmel Scholarship prizewinner (commercial law), Gray’s Inn
  • Norman Tapp memorial prizewinner (mooting), Gray’s Inn
  • Diploma in EU Law (King’s College London, 2014)
  • Diploma in EU Competition Law (King’s College London, 2015)
  • MA, EU Competition Law (King’s College London, 2016)

Latest news

26th January 2022

Walleys Quarry litigation – a commentary

The Walleys Quarry litigation provides insights into areas rarely considered by the Courts in the context of environmental permitting, and the availability of declaratory relief.

11th January 2021

Is environmental regulation fit for purpose?

In this article Gordon Wignall asks to what extent the environmental permitting scheme is fit for purpose.

24th April 2020

Group litigation and solicitor disputes

In this short article, Gordon Wignall looks at some of the lessons which can be learnt from disputes between solicitors wanting to progress group litigation.

17th April 2020

Litigation funding: a new reality post-Chapelgate

Gordon Wignall discusses the position of funding in England and Wales post-Chapelgate, where the automatic protection of the Arkin 'cap' was lifted.

8th April 2020

Vicarious liability (and data protection): two cases

Morrisons, heard recently in the Supreme Court concerns vicarious liability for a rogue data controller. Together with another Supreme Court case, Barclays Bank, these two cases cover all the key issues.

7th April 2020

Case management of confidentiality rings in competition cases

Confidentiality rings in competition cases have become an area of vigorous trench warfare.

7th February 2020

Climate change nuisance litigation: a potential US export

The emergence of climate change litigation as a species of common law nuisance claims has been a feature of the US legal system for some time.

15th January 2020

Climate change and nuisance law: II – the role of the local authority

Can the law of nuisance be used to obtain compensation for the consequences of climate change?

10th December 2019

Climate change and nuisance law

Can the law of nuisance can be used as a restraint on the causes of climate change? This is the first in a series of briefings by Gordon Wignall.

6th December 2019

New online guide to the Law of Nuisance by Gordon Wignall

Gordon Wignall has made available on-line a Short Guide to the Law of Nuisance for the benefit of those who are contemplating bringing, or are facing, proceedings in private nuisance, public nuisance or statutory nuisance.

18th November 2019

Dublin International Arbitration Day Conference 2019

Six Pump Court members Paul McGarry SC, Gordon Wignall and Natasha Hausdorff attended the International Arbitration Day Conference in Dublin last week.

25th October 2019

Gordon Wignall called to the Bar of Ireland

On 10 October Gordon Wignall was admitted to the degree of barrister-at-law in Ireland, and then admitted the next day in the Supreme Court to the Irish Bar.

25th May 2018

Regulatory Law Conference 2018 (Birmingham)

Six Pump Court will present a Regulatory Law Conference on 13th July in Birmingham.

16th March 2018

Chambers UK Guide to Environmental Law 2018

The Chambers UK Guide to Environmental Law 2018 was published this week. The Guide has been written by members of the Six Pump Court Environmental Law Team.

17th November 2017

Environmental Law Practice Guide 2018: UK Chapter written by Six Pump Court

The Chambers & Partners Environmental Law Global Practice Guide 2018 is now available online. The UK chapter has been written by Six Pump Court barristers

9th October 2017

Regulatory and Planning Law Conference 2017 (Leeds)

Six Pump Court presents a Regulatory and Planning Law Conference to be held on 20th November in Leeds.

12th June 2017

‘Piercing the Veil’ – Incorporation and Liability for Environmental Damage: Widening the Net

Six Pump Court presents the third in our series of Environmental and Public Law Seminars to be held this year on Wednesday 12th July.

16th May 2017

Flood Defence and Pollution Control: Statutory Powers and Compensation

Six Pump Court presents the second in our series of environmental and public law seminars to be held this year: Flood Defence and Pollution...

7th October 2016

Litigation and Dispute Resolution Conference – 12 October

Six Pump Court and Kent Law Society present a one day Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution Conference. The content will cover all the important...

18th July 2016

Enforcement of Environmental Law – Conference for Solicitors

On Monday 18th July 2016, Stephen Hockman QC, Gordon Wignall and Christopher Badger will be among the speakers at a conference on the enforcement...

17th June 2016

UKELA Annual Conference 2016

The UKELA Annual Conference is taking place in Brighton between Friday 1st - Sunday 3rd July 2016. The theme is  'From Global to Local'...

15th June 2016

Private Nuisance Litigation Masterclass – Seminar

Our series of Masterclass Environmental Law Seminars continues next month with a second seminar,  Private Nuisance Litigation Masterclass to be held on 11th July....

7th June 2016

Environmental Permitting Masterclass – Seminar

Six Pump Court presents the first in our short series of ‘Masterclass’ Environmental Law Seminars to be held this summer: Environmental Permitting Masterclass: ‘Hot’...

20th April 2016

New website on the Law of Environmental Permitting and Enforcement

Gordon Wignall of 6 Pump Court has set up a new website and legal resource for clients facing the prospect of regulatory enforcement or...

8th October 2015

Liability and Remedies in Land and Water Contamination Claims : A Seminar

Six Pump Court presents the third in our series of environmental law seminars to be held this year: Liability and Remedies in Contamination Claims...

10th September 2015

Six Pump Court and UKELA present a seminar on Criminal Enforcement by Regulators

Six Pump Court presents the second in our series of environmental law seminars to be held this year. This forthcoming seminar is being held...

7th September 2015

Litigation and Dispute Resolution Conference – 6th October

Six Pump Court Chambers and Kent Law Society are delighted to present this one day Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution Update. This timely and...

5th May 2015

Six Pump Court welcomes Gordon Wignall to Chambers

Six Pump Court is very pleased to welcome Gordon Wignall who has joined Chambers. Gordon brings to Chambers a wealth of experience and expertise...


17th June 2020

Webinar: Piercing the Corporate Veil: the Principle of ‘Separate Legal Personality’

Six Pump Court Chambers is delighted to be able to host a re-run of our very popular ‘Piercing the Corporate Veil’ seminar as part of our series of 2020 webinars.

20th March 2019

Piercing the Corporate Veil: The Principle of ‘Separate Legal Personality’

Six Pump Court presents the third in our series of Environmental Law Seminars to be held this year.


4th August 2022

Environmental Law News Update

In this latest Environmental Law News Update, Charles Morgan, Gordon Wignall and Nicholas Ostrowski consider the measures being undertaken by the government and water companies to mitigate the effects of drought in the UK, a report into global trends in climate change litigation, and a successful challenge to the government’s net zero strategy.

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