Simon Taylor QC and Daniel Stevenson prosecute murder of vulnerable man killed by two persons who called him ‘Dad’

August 11, 2022

Simon Taylor QC and Daniel Stevenson were instructed by the Crown Prosecution Service in the prosecution of two defendants, Kayleigh Halliday and Shane Myles, for the murder in January this year of Paul Wakefield, a 66-year-old vulnerable male with health problems.

Paul Wakefield was generous towards the defendants. He referred to them as his son and daughter. He bought items they needed. He provided them with a place to stay.

On 3rd January 2022 the defendants went to Paul Wakefield’s flat. They drank alcohol together throughout the afternoon. In the evening, they launched a savage attack on Mr Wakefield. They punched him in the face and smashed a glass bottle over his head. When Mr Wakefield fell to the floor, the defendants stamped and and kicked his head, causing fatal injuries. They also stabbed him in the abdomen with broken glass. They then left his flat, stealing Mr Wakefield’s wallet and his mobile telephone as they left.

The defendants denied murder. They blamed each other for inflicting the violence.

Kayleigh Halliday pleaded guilty to murder at the close of the prosecution case.

Shane Myles was unanimously convicted of murder by the jury.

The defendants will be sentenced later this month.

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