Richard Barraclough KC and Daniel Stevenson prosecute homicide and campaign to rob drug dealers

June 13, 2023

Richard Barraclough KC leading Daniel Stevenson has concluded the prosecution of a number of individuals who were involved in a campaign to rob drug dealers.  This resulted in an attack on one property and the wounding of its occupant and an attack on another dealer who was lured to a car park where he was stabbed and killed.  One of the Defendants provided addresses and identities of victims to the gang.

NKRUMAH BUANSI was sentenced to a total of 26 years (21 years plus an extended licence period of 5 years) for conspiracy to rob (11 years 8 months) wounding (3 years), manslaughter (21 years with extension periods)

AFOLABI 15 years 6 months (conspiracy to rob) 3 years (wounding), 21 years (manslaughter) plus extension periods

KANU conspiracy to rob (14 years), wounding (3 years)

GARRARD (who provided the information) 11 years 8 months (conspiracy to rob), 3 years (wounding).

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