Parliament and Brexit – a new Report

March 24, 2020

A report on “Parliament and Brexit’ was published today by UK in a Changing Europe. It explores the role Parliament has played to date on Brexit, as well as the challenges and opportunities it is likely to face during phase two of the UK-EU negotiations. Some of the country’s leading experts have contributed to this report including Jill Barrett. Her chapter is on ‘Treaties Beyond the EU’. It looks at the UK’s negotiations with States beyond the EU, both to ‘roll-over’ the treaties within the EU’s global network of treaties that will cease to apply to the UK at the end of the transition period, and at the new trade relationships the UK hopes to build with States such as the USA, Australia and New Zealand. It discusses the current law and practice on parliamentary scrutiny of treaties and the changes needed to enable Parliament and the public to have a say on these important new trade treaty negotiations.

The full content of the chapter ‘Treaties Beyond the EU‘ written by Jill Barrett is available here

The report is can be found here

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