John FitzGerald secures acquittal on all counts in attempted murder trial

February 22, 2023

6 Pump Court

John FitzGerald has secured the acquittal of the defendant on all counts in this attempted murder trial.

The defendant and complainant were friends for 20 years. Unbelievably, the two fell out over the standard of a £100 decorating job. The two traded insults and threats via texts and calls. When the police arrived in response to an initial call, they heard the defendant swearing to kill the other man. Once the police left, the other man attended the defendant’s partner’s home address armed with a metal pole. Members of the public heard the defendant making further threats to kill his friend who had lost his temper in the street. Ultimately, the defendant picked up a kitchen knife and used it to stab his friend, puncturing his lung, as the friend smashed his way through the window. The police returned and the defendant and his mother both lied saying the defendant was upstairs at the time the injury was caused. The defendant also suffered with a very rare medical condition called Klein Levin Syndrome.