Jill Barrett speaks at Polar Law Symposium in Australia

November 29, 2019

Jill Barrett is travelling to Australia to attend the 12th Polar Law Symposium, an annual gathering of the world’s leading specialists in the law of Antarctica and the Arctic. This year’s symposium will take place from 1-5 December at the Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, Hobart, Tasmania.

Academics, students and practitioners from around the world will participate in this event, which will include sessions on topics such as polar marine resources, climate law, native peoples and human rights, the Antarctic Treaty system, Arctic Council, developments in international law, Asian interests in polar affairs and polar economies and industry. Jill will deliver a presentation on ‘The importance of effective compliance and enforcement to long-term resilience of the ATS’.

Jill will also participate in a workshop on 6 December on ‘The Resilience of the Antarctic Treaty System: Future Challenges and Legal Adaptability’ as a member of an international research team collaborating on writing a book on this subject, to be published by Brill. She is grateful to the Polar Cooperation Research Centre of Kobe University and KAKENHI (grants-in-aid of Japanese Society of Promotion of Science) for partial funding of this research.