Tom Dunn successfully prosecutes British kick boxing champion for drug smuggling

July 23, 2014

Tom Dunn has prosecuted the sentence of Paul Mitchelson, the British WRSA super heavy weight title holder, for attempting to smuggle in excess of £2 million worth of drugs into the United Kingdom.

Mr Mitchelson was stopped on 28 May 2014 driving a leased VW van. Concealed within the panels of the van were 11 kg of cocaine, 23 kgs of MDMA powder, and in excess of 51,000 ecstasy tablets. Mr Mitchelson claimed that he was acting under coercion from criminals who had bet significant sums of money on one of his fights expecting to win, but had lost.

This was a claim ultimately that he did not pursue in evidence and one that the sentencing judge rejected. Mr Mitchelson was sentenced to 9 years imprisonment.

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