Tom Dunn secures acquittal in attempted murder trial

September 20, 2019

Tom Dunn, instructed by Bond Joseph Solicitors, has secured the acquittal of Lewis Shaw on a charge of attempted murder following a 4 day trial at Maidstone Crown Court. Mr Shaw was alleged to have attended the address of the complainant in the early hours of the morning having consumed significant quantities of alcohol and cocaine. Having left his car in the middle of the road, with its engine running, he armed himself with a metal bar and began smashing the complainant’s door down. It was alleged that he then dragged the complainant out of his house and onto the pavement where he carried out a frenzied attack upon him. The attack concluded with the complainant unconscious on the floor and Mr Shaw stamping repeatedly on his head. The complainant suffered, amongst other injuries, a substantial traumatic brain injury with long-last lasting and life changing effects.

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