Starvation murder – Oliver Saxby QC prosecuting

April 16, 2021

The trial of Rickard and others commenced on Tuesday, at Reading Crown Court in front of Mr Justice Wall. Lynda Rickard and her husband, Wayne Rickard, are charged with the murder of a wealthy 59-year old recluse, Anthony Sootheran, whose property they were living in at the time. After Mr Sootheran’s death, Lynda Rickard produced a will she has since accepted forging – by which she stood to gain substantially. Three other defendants are also on trial, facing allegations in relation to Mr Sootheran’s forged will and a second will purportedly created by Mr Sootheran’s mother, Joy, which Lynda Rickard has also accepted forging. The trial is expected to last eight weeks.

Oliver Saxby QC is leading for the Crown, assisted by Jane Brady of St Pauls Chambers, Leeds and Sarita Basra of the CPS. They are instructed by Robbie Weber of CPS Thames Chiltern.

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