Robert Griffiths QC and Nicola Strachan called to the Bar of Seychelles

December 13, 2021

Robert Griffiths QC and Nicola Strachan were called to the Bar of Seychelles in December 2021 and appeared in the Supreme Court of Seychelles in a major civil dispute arising out of the Seychelles Civil Code. The case involves a claim made against the estate of France Albert Rene, the former President of Seychelles, who was the longest-serving President of any country in the world, having been in office for 27 years. He died in February 2019. The dispute arises out of his Will and involves the application of the Seychelles Code to the Plaintiffs’ rights of inheritance and succession. The Seychelles Code incorporates the principles of the Napoleonic Code and French Law. The case is of general public interest as well as raising issues of fundamental legal importance relating to the alienation of property and the distribution of assets prior to and subsequent to the former President’s death.

The hearing commenced on 1 December 2021 and was adjourned part-heard on 6 December 2021. The hearing will recommence in the Autumn of 2022.