Richard Barraclough KC and Daniel Stevenson prosecute in homicide and conspiracy to rob

February 3, 2023

The trial of Afolabi and others has come to an end in the Woolwich Crown Court. It was prosecuted by Richard Barraclough KC leading Daniel Stevenson.

The case concerned conspiracy to rob, wounding and manslaughter. The conspiracy covered the period January to April 2022. The robbers were provided with details of the identities and homes of high value drug dealers by one of the defendants. The robbery team was then assembled in order to carry out the robberies. One man was attacked as he emerged from his flat. Others were robbed but the only evidence of the robberies came from messaging between two of the defendants. The conspiracy culminated in the ambush of a dealer in a car park. He was stabbed and bled to death. The two involved in the attack were convicted of manslaughter. All defendants remain to be sentenced for a variety of offences.

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