Oliver Saxby QC and Peter Alcock secure rape campaign acquittals

June 23, 2015

A 21 year old man with learning difficulties has been cleared of allegations of rape and attempted rape. D was alleged to have committed over 150 offences of rape and attempted rape against two family members.

D was represented by Oliver Saxby QC and Peter Alcock, instructed by Kent Defence.

At his 4-week trial commencing 20th May, the jury cleared D of all rape and attempted rape counts but were unable to agree on a small number of other less serious counts. The Crown having considered their position, on 19th June they offered no evidence in respect of the outstanding allegations and not guilty verdicts were entered on all of them. D had the benefit of an intermediary during his trial. Critical to the presentation of his case was a thorough analysis of the voluminous Social Service, Police and School records relating to D and his family, and the creation of a detailed Chronology with which the jury was provided. Expert evidence was also called on the issue of D’s suggestibility, of relevance to the apparent admissions to sexual misconduct he had made to witnesses called by the Crown.