Oliver Saxby QC and Peter Alcock secure attempted murder acquittal

April 23, 2015

A jury today acquitted Jordan Barringer of the offence of attempted murder after a 9-day trial. Barringer, a young man with serious learning difficulties who had the assistance of an intermediary at trial, was accused of trying to kill a pizza delivery driver who he had stabbed 6 times, 3 times to the stomach and 3 times to the back. He denied an intent to kill and expert psychiatric evidence – in the form of Dr Philip Joseph (who was originally instructed on behalf of the Crown) – was called on his behalf on the question of his capacity to form so specific an intent as an intent to kill.

Oliver Saxby QC and Peter Alcock were instructed by Deal firm, Palmers Criminal Defence Service. The case was prosecuted by Simon Taylor, also of 6 Pump Court.

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