John FitzGerald secures acquittal of Hip Hop artist in Attempted Murder Trial

July 31, 2023

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John was defending Hip Hop Artist, ‘Ratlin’, at the Central Criminal Court, who was accused of a revenge shooting. The victims were related to a male who was accused of stealing ‘Ratlin’s’ gold and diamond chain at a nightclub earlier that evening. Lengthy CCTV showed the defendant being threatened with a firearm and behaving in a very agitated state. Cell site evidence plotted his movements to West London. His mobile phone was last connected to the network in an area consistent with the theft of a black SUV, minutes before it was stolen and that vehicle was then seen to pull up outside the victims’ address. Those who attended the victims’ address at 7am pretended to be Amazon delivery drivers and tried to trick those inside into opening the door. Shots were fired at the glass whilst the victim’s were the other side. The firearm and SUV were never found. John was able to secure a not guilty verdict on two counts of attempted murder and the related firearms offences.

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