John FitzGerald, led by Edward Henry QC, secure acquittal in Croydon Crown Court murder trial

April 14, 2022

The passenger of a moped driven by the defendant got off and stabbed a 16 year old boy with whom he had issues over a girlfriend. By chance, events in the street, apart from the stabbing were captured on dash cam footage and other CCTV. The deceased fled to a passing van which was chased by the moped but made it to a local hospital. When represented by previous solicitors, the defendant denied presence in his prepared statements but police trawled hundreds of hours of CCTV across central London and analysed mobile phone placed him at the scene. Ultimately, he accepted he was the driver of the moped but denied knowledge of the knife his co-accused was carrying or any intent to cause harm.

John Fitzgerald was instructed by K Singh of Bark & Co.