Ian Whitehurst secures acquittal of defendant in armed robbery case

October 23, 2014

Ian Whitehurst has secured the acquittal of a defendant involved in a series of armed robberies, on the basis that his client was unaware of his involvement as the getaway driver and had been tricked by his two passengers, who had entered the shops alone and who had purposefully requested that he park up in side streets away from the action.

The defendant had suffered permanent neurological damage in an accident some years ago and now had difficulties looking after his affairs on a day-to-day basis as a result of limited cognitive functioning. The defence case centred on the fact that the defendant was incapable of understanding what was going on. A clinical neuropsychologist was therefore called to give evidence by the defence and it was successfully argued that the defendant was incapable of understanding what the pair were up to, absent having been explicitly told by them.

The case was heard at Liverpool Crown Court and the defendant was acquitted of all charges. The case involved the presentation of complicated, extensive and detailed neuropsychiatric evidence to the jury, in order to properly explain the defence case.

The defendant was represented by Ian Whitehurst who was instructed by David Cook of Slater & Gordon.