CTSI Conference 2017 – Sentencing in Food Cases

May 10, 2017

Members of the Six Pump Court Chambers Food Law Team will host a session at the CTSI Conference taking place this week in Harrogate.

David Travers QC, Ian Thomas and David Hercock will present a mini-theatre session on 28th June entitled “Due Diligence Revisited – protection against excessive sentencing in food cases”. The session will discuss the dramatic impact of the Sentencing Guideline in food cases and the importance of ‘due diligence’ in the context of the investigation, prosecution and sentencing of criminal cases.

Advance tickets for this session are all booked but delegates can obtain places on the day by requesting a ticket on the morning of the 28th June from the Conference Information Desk.

To find out more about this session click here

If you are attending the Conference you can reserve a place at this mini-theatre session by contacting Bridget Tough via bridgettough@6pumpcourt.co.uk