Applications for mini-pupillage are invited from candidates undertaking, or having completed, the final year of their academic legal studies, who genuinely intend to apply for pupillage at Six Pump Court. This is a valuable opportunity for those intending to apply to Six Pump Court for pupillage to get to know us and for us to get to know them.

Mini-pupillage placements at Six Pump Court are not formally assessed. The aim of mini-pupillage is to provide candidates with an introduction to life at Six Pump Court and an opportunity to experience the type of work undertaken by our junior tenants. Mini-pupils spend between three to five days in Chambers. Christopher Badger, or another junior Member of Chambers, will act as mini-pupil supervisor for the duration of their visit, providing your main point of contact and will oversee the day-to-day arrangements during your visit.

We aim to provide mini-pupils with opportunities to meet other members of Chambers and experience a range of the varied work undertaken in Chambers. We will also take into account those areas of practice of most interest to the mini-pupil and aim, so far as reasonably possible, to provide specific experience of those areas of practice during the week.

Candidates should be aware that the majority of our criminal law work is undertaken in Kent. As our working pupils and junior tenants accept instructions in criminal cases, it is very likely that mini-pupils will be expected to travel to courts in Kent on at least one day during their placement.

As the number of applications we receive usually exceeds the number of placements available, we assess applications for mini-pupillage against our published Selection Criteria for pupillage (see above). Financial assistance for travel expenses can be available in certain cases. Please indicate if you would like to be considered for financial assistance in your application.

Whilst we encourage those intending to apply for pupillage to undertake a mini-pupillage with us, doing so is not a pre-requisite for applying for pupillage. As competition for mini-pupillage placements is very strong, candidates should not be dissuaded from applying for pupillage if their application for mini-pupillage is unsuccessful.

Mini-Pupillage Applications

Applications must be accompanied by a covering letter and a curriculum vitae. Covering letters must explain, by reference to our Selection Criteria (see above), why the applicant should be considered as a strong candidate for pupillage at Six Pump Court and the reasons for applying for a mini-pupillage placement.

We utilise our Selection Criteria to identify and recruit those individuals who are most likely to excel at the independent Bar as members of Six Pump Court.

Applications for mini-pupillage that fail to address our Selection Criteria and/or fail to demonstrate the requisite intellectual ability and/or a genuine interest in undertaking pupillage at Six Pump Court, are not likely to succeed.

Please address all applications for the attention of Christopher Badger, Six Pump Court Chambers, 6 Pump Court, Temple, EC4Y 7AR or email