6 Pump Court welcomes changes to the DPP’s proposed Advocates Panel Scheme

October 5, 2014

In April the DPP published a proposed Advocates Panel Scheme. Whilst 6 Pump Court never opposed the introduction of such a scheme in principle,  there were significant problems with the scheme proposed which could have led to members of Chambers losing elements of prosecution practices which they had worked hard and successfully to build up over a number of years.

It quickly became clear that none of the Central Bar Organisations were questioning or challenging the scheme. Therefore the  scheme was considered by those within 6 Pump Court with experience and expertise in public law and as a result legal advice was sought and solicitors and Kingsley Napley instructed.

Since then Kingsley Napley have been in correspondence with the Attorney General and the DPP.  Stephen Hockman QC and Peter Harrison QC had a personal meeting with the DPP and Colin Milburn the chief executive of the CPS on the 9th of June.

By this time the Circuits, the Criminal Bar Association  and the Chairman of the Bar had also become involved.

The DPP has now announced changes to the proposed scheme which 6 Pump Court welcome and which substantially remove their concerns.

The criminal and regulatory team at 6 Pump Court look forward to continuing to undertake prosecution work in Kent,  London and elsewhere and would like to thank Kingsley Napley solicitors for their advice and guidance.