Tom Dunn secures convictions in torture case

August 24, 2015

Tom Dunn has secured the conviction of Alando McNeish following a trial at Maidstone Crown Court on a charge of inflicting GBH with intent.

The prosecution’s case was that Mr McNeish, along with three others, walked into the victim’s house uninvited and accused him of stealing from them. They ordered him to strip naked and then boiled a kettle and poured scalding water all over his body. The kettle was re-boiled at least once, as the attackers felt the water was not hot enough. After prolonged scalding with boiling water, Mr McNeish then heated a kitchen ladle on the gas hob and used it to inflict further burns. He then forced the victim to place his arm on the floor and clench his fingers into a fist so that he could try and break his fingers by stamping on them.

A second man, Aaron Ricketts, pleaded guilty to the charge. Sentence for both is adjourned pending the trial of a third male, which is likely to take place early next year.

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