Thomas Stern secures not guilty verdict at Old Bailey for driver accused of causing death by dangerous driving

January 22, 2024

Thomas Stern

The trial of a Polish man indicted for causing death by dangerous driving has concluded with his acquittal on the charge. Marek Perkowski was cleared on day four of his trial after the jury had deliberated for approximately six hours. He was defended by Thomas Stern.

The allegation stemmed from an incident on 30th November 2021 at Earls Court Road. Mr Perkowski was driving an LGV in the course of his work when traffic volumes caused him to stop in a position obstructing a pedestrian crossing. When the lights changed in his favour he moved forward, colliding with pedestrian who was walking beneath his direct sight line. The pedestrian died instantly. The Prosecution contended Mr Perkowski’s positioning on the crossing as well as his failure to check his Class VI mirror before moving rendered his driving dangerous. Mr Perkowski accepted failing to check the Class VI but it was argued his driving only reached the threshold of careless. The case involved expert evidence addressing the sight lines of an LGV driver, the fields of view of close proximity mirrors and commercial driver responsibilities. Mr Perkowski had earlier pleaded guilty to the lesser offence of causing death by careless driving and will be sentenced in March 2024.

Instructing Solicitor: Narjis Butt of Tuckers Solicitors.