Ten new appointments to the Regulatory List

April 3, 2019

Six Pump Court are pleased to announce that more of our members have been appointed to the Panel of Specialist Regulatory Advocates and are now eligible to prosecute on behalf of regulatory bodies including the Health & Safety Executive and the Environment Agency.

In total, Chambers received ten new appointments to the Panel along with several members who moved up the ‘A’ and ‘B’ list.

Our new appointments to the List are as follows: David Hercock, Stuart Jessop (‘A’ List); Ian Thomas, Nina Ellin, Peter Alcock, Tom Dunn, Ian Rees PhillipsLaura Phillips (‘B’ List); and Natasha Hausdorff and Mark Davies (‘C’ List)

Megan Thomas and Gordon Menzies move up to the ‘A’ List

Nicholas Ostrowski also moves up to the ‘B’ List

To view our full list of Panel Advocates click here