Stuart Jessop represents company in licensing application

March 17, 2017

Stuart Jessop, instructed by Paddy Whur of Woods Whur solicitors, has successfully represented a restaurant and bar business in the company’s application for two new premises licences. The restaurants/ bar businesses had been operating successfully for a number of years but the owner company and holder of the premises licence had gone into administration and the licence had lapsed. Had the transfer been made in time there would have been no need to apply for new licences. That not being the case, the applications had to be made and because representations were received from local residents, a hearing before the Licensing Sub-Committee had to take place.

Arguing that the representations were general rather than relating to this particular applicant and therefore not relevant to the central issue of the promotion of the licensing objectives, Stuart and his solicitors were able to persuade the Committee to grant both licences.