Stuart Jessop helps Taxi Association oppose new policy on knowledge test for new applicants

April 3, 2017

Stuart Jessop successfully represented a Private Hire and Hackney Carriage Driver’s Association in their opposition to a local authority’s proposal to replace an existing knowledge test for new applicants with a simplified version to make it easier for new applicants to apply and be granted licences in the area.

The local authority argued that such a test was anti-competitive and was preventing access to new applicants. The Association argued; that the high standards of the existing test should be preserved; there was no actual decline in the number of drivers operating due the the effects of the De-Regulation Act and the presence of Uber; and that the most proportionate and effective way to encourage new applicants was to keep the test and properly enforce any breaches of licensing law, so making the area an attractive place for new applicants.

The Licensing Committee then voted against the Licensing Authority’s proposal.