Secretary of State dismisses appeal for two large housing schemes

August 2, 2017

The Communities Secretary finds that West Berkshire District Council has a 5 year housing land supply.

Following a 4 week public inquiry in November/December 2016 to hear conjoined appeals by Croudace Homes Ltd (for a scheme of up to 265 houses) and A2 Dominion Ltd (for a scheme of up to 495 houses) the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government has disagreed with the appointed Inspector’s findings on 5 year housing land supply. Whilst both the Inspector and the Secretary of State agreed that the OAN in the 2016 SHMA was an appropriate benchmark against which to measure housing land supply, the Inspector found that the Council had a record of persistent under delivery and applied a 20% buffer. The Communities Secretary disagreed and applied a 5% buffer. He found para 14 of the NPPF was not triggered and the material considerations in favour of the schemes did not outweigh conflict with the Development Plan policies. Planning permission has been refused in both appeals.

Emmaline Lambert represented West Berkshire District Council in the conjoined appeals.

A copy of the decisions are available using the links below