Old Bailey Grooming Trial Continues

May 29, 2015

The trial of 11 men charged with sex exploitation offences in the Aylesbury area has reached the end of its second week. The first complainant gave evidence-in-chief – in open court, with screens and the assistance of a registered intermediary – over the course of 5 days; and cross-examination is nearing an end. The second complainant is scheduled to commence her evidence-in-chief late next week. She will give evidence in the same manner. There have been various Ground Rules Hearings and the Crown have used examination-in-chief plans to help with the adducing of the very detailed and complex evidence involved.

Oliver Saxby QC is leading the prosecution, with the assistance of Alan Blake (from CPS Thames Valley) and Patrick Duffy (23 Essex Street).

The trial is expected to last a further 4 or 5 weeks.