New book on Covid-19 and the law relating to food now available

July 15, 2020

This new book written by Ian Thomas examines the significant impact that Covid-19 has had on the food industry and individual food businesses and outlines the changing regulatory landscape.

Food supply systems have come under significant pressure in recent months. Diversification of activities requires careful planning and a knowledge of the potential regulatory and compliance consequences of making the change. Offering a new take away service can fulfil business and consumer needs, but there might be implications for how the food is prepared, delivered, served and described. New hazards will be introduced and they must be assessed and managed properly.

Ian considers the challenges faced by many food businesses and provides examples of what can go wrong and why. He then tentatively offers some solutions by applying first principles of food law in order to protect consumers and food businesses.

The book is published by Law Brief Publishing and a 10% discount from the RRP is available using this link – and using the code 23WN7

Ian Thomas is a specialist food law barrister. He advises on a wide range of non-contentious and contentious EU and domestic food law matters including; food safety and hygiene, animal welfare (including at the time of killing), food information, health and nutrition claims, food supplements, borderline products, traceability, product withdrawals and recalls, official controls and enforcement powers.

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