M1 Fatal Collision – Oliver Saxby QC Opens for the Crown

February 23, 2018

The case of Masierak and Wagstaff commenced today at Reading Crown Court. Oliver Saxby QC is prosecuting, leading Peter Shaw. They are instructed by Thames Chiltern Complex Case Unit.

In the early hours of 26th August 2017, Mr Maseriak parked up in the slow lane of the M1. He was driving an HGV as part of his employment. He had earlier gone the wrong way round a major motorway roundabout and driven the wrong way down a slip road onto the M69. He was under the influence of alcohol.

Mr Masierak remained stationary in his lorry in the slow lane of the M1 for approximately 12 minutes – during which time vehicles approached him, saw him and overtook him. When a minibus with twelve occupants came along, it was baulked by other traffic and came to a halt behind Mr Masierak’s lorry. It was waiting for the traffic to clear so it could pull out and continue its journey.

Shortly afterwards, Mr Wagstaff – also in an HGV – approached the minibus. He was on a hands-free call at the time and failed to see the minibus – or at least that it was stationary – with the result that he ploughed into the back of it, killing eight people inside the minibus and seriously injuring the other four.

Both defendants face allegations of causing death by dangerous driving, which they deny. The trial will involve expert collision evidence and is expected to last 10 days or so.

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