Licensed Black Taxi Cabs and Mini Cabs and their treatment in major road redevelopment case

July 9, 2015

Richard Barraclough QC, as Leading Counsel for the London Taxi Drivers Association, has written a note summarising the main issues that were covered in this recent case dealing with the distinctions between black cabs and mini cabs and their treatment in a major redevelopment in the Tottenham Court Road area.

In R (on the application of London Taxi Drivers Association) v London Borough of Camden, the LTDA sought judicial review of the London Borough of Camden’s plans to redevelop the Tottenham Court Road (“TCR”) area.

The litigation focused on the proposal to make the Tottenham Court Road two way for buses and cycles only. All taxis whether licensed black cabs or private hire vehicles (minicabs) were to be prohibited from using large parts of the road during daytime hours. The LDTA ground for review was that when assessing the evidence of pollution, congestion and accident rates, Camden had failed to distinguish between licensed black cabs and minicabs.

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