Monday 4th June – CTSI Symposium

4th June 2018

Members of the Six Pump Court’s Consumer Law Team will host a session at this year’s CTSI Symposium.

David Travers QC and Laura Phillips will present a mini-theatre session on 4th June entitled Consumer product information – Caveat venditor, caveat emptor and the role of the regulator.

In this session, they will explore the issues surrounding accurate labelling of consumer products and the need for the regulatory integrity which prevents consumers from being misled and keeps them safe. This session will examine the basic rules governing product information and labelling and discuss the obligations on relevant stakeholders to ensure that consumers are provided with the information they need.

The CTSi Symposium will take place on 4-6 June 2018 in Nottingham.

If you are registered for the Symposium you can book a place at our session, just click here