David Travers QC led Mark Watson in the defence of Martinisation London Ltd at Old Bailey 

July 10, 2017

David Travers QC and Mark Watson represented Martinisation London Limited after the company was accused of corporate manslaughter and associated health and safety offences. Two employees of the company, Tomasz Procko, 22, and Karol Symanski, 29, had died while working on a property in Cadogan Square in Knightsbridge. The men were killed while they were lifting a sofa onto the balcony of a recently refurbished flat when the cast iron balustrade on the balcony failed.

In May a jury convicted Martinisation London Limited, which has been in liquidation since last year, and on Friday 7 July the company was ordered to pay a fine of £1.2 million. A director of the company, Martin Gutaj, who was convicted of Health and Safety Offences, was sent to prison for 14 months.

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