Conspiracy to murder trial underway – Simon Taylor and Ben Irwin prosecuting, Oliver Saxby QC defending

October 26, 2018

The trial of Glenn Pollard, Heather Pollard and Hayley Weatherall began last week at Maidstone Crown Court. Simon Taylor is leading for the Crown, with Ben Irwin – instructed by CPS South East Canterbury CPS Trials Unit. Oliver Saxby QC is leading for the second defendant, Heather Pollard – instructed by Richard Graham of Graham and Co Solicitors.

The defendants are alleged to have hatched a plot to kill Hayley Weatherall’s husband, Ray. Glenn Pollard and Hayley Weatherall were lovers. Heather Pollard is Glenn Pollard’s daughter.

In short, the Crown’s case is that all three conspired to murder Ray Weatherall – who had terminal cancer – in a manner of means that included blowing him up in an ‘accidental’ pool heater explosion (Mr Weatherall sustained serious burns but survived), drowning him at sea (this plan was never carried out) and shooting him.

The last of these comprised an attempt to shoot Mr Weatherall with a rifle, from distance, in November 2017. Whilst the bullet penetrated Mr Weatherall’s face and caused extensive injuries, the shooting was not fatal and he survived. Heather Pollard is said to have been the gunperson.

The Crown rely on various areas of expert evidence including cell-siting and ballistics, together with a considerable body of electronic phone data. The case is expected to last 4-5 weeks.

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