A Practical Guide to Environmental Enforcement

March 19, 2021

Six Pump Court environmental law practitioners Christopher Badger and Stuart Jessop are the authors of a new practical guide to environmental enforcement published by LawBrief Publishing

This book entitled A Practical Guide to Environmental Enforcement is a short practical guide to environmental enforcement law. It is intended to be a helpful resource for established practitioners as well as an introduction to those new to the subject and a useful tool for those advising both organisations and individuals on environmental enforcement as well as those tasked with the duties of environmental regulation.

The subjects covered include waste and water offences, investigatory powers, enforcement notices, criminal proceedings and sentencing and civil sanctions. The book also provides a summary of corporate and individual liability for environmental offences. Key provisions of relevant environmental legislation are highlighted, together with selected quotes from key authorities on the application of the law in practice. Further commentary provides expert analysis on the interpretation and implementation of environmental law.

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